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soundsinsepia's Journal

Sounds In Sepia | Sounds, Sin, Sepia
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Steampunk Music
This community was created as a gathering place for those who wish to showcase, discuss, and share music that could be classified as steampunk, neo-Victorian, and other anachronautic typologies. If you're not really sure what that means, please check out the Interests list and use your best judgment.

Some Rules:
* Please keep text formatting to an essential minimum when posting to soundsinsepia. In particular, please do not:

- specify an explicit <font> face, size, or color, especially at the outermost (top) level of your post
- paste formatted text into the Rich Text editor from Microsoft Word or another word processor

Doing these things often makes your post less readable on other people's friends pages, or results in text that looks too big or too small on some screens. It also has the potential to generate huge numbers of blank lines at the end of a post, because of a <span> or <div> tag that got pasted in from Microsoft Word.

* We ask that everyone do their part to keep the community from becoming a glossy fashion magazine; all ads and no content. If you'd like to post that your band has a new song up, please give us a little more than just "Listen to this!" Tell us what inspired you, and what ideas you hope to inspire.